Culver’s Vs. In-And-Out


By now, all of you are well aware that I’m from the east coast. This means that we have amazing cheese steaks that can’t be replicated, but we don’t have some of the staples from the west coast, i.e. In-and-Out and Culver’s. Instead, we have Shake Shack. Which is delicious. But being here for the past few months, I’ve had the opportunity to try both Culver’s and In-and-Out and I have some thoughts.


The restaurant:

The first thing that really caught my eye when I walked into Culver’s was the giant gold cow statue. Now, I’m not sure if this is something that’s in every Culver’s, but it was a weird thing to see in a burger place. Like, they’re basically saying we know what you came for.

The Burger:

Surprisingly good for a fast food place that claims to be a healthier option.  The burger tasted fresh and had some sort of sauce on it that rivaled In-and-Out’s “secret” sauce (hint: it’s 1000 Island Dressing)

The Fries:

Wow. Okay, I base my opinion on every fast food place on how good their fries are. And Culver’s nailed it on the head. They were the perfect temperature, not to mention the crispiness of the fries were fantastic. A+


The restaurant:

It lived up to my expectations. From every instagram post I’ve seen with people at In-and-Out to Buzzfeed articles about it, the decor didn’t disappoint. I even got myself a hat with the logo on it that all the employees wear.

The Burger:

I do have to say that the “secret sauce” did add an extra punch to the burger. Other than that, it tasted like any other burger from a fast food place would. I was surprised at how normal it tasted. It had been so hyped up in my mind, but I wasn’t necessarily let down. It was a very good burger.

The Fries:

My friend had gotten her fries well-done, which I didn’t even know was a thing, and they were a little bit crispier than my fries were. BUT we also tried their Animal Style fries, which were delicious. They had cheese, fried onions and bacon on it. Apparently, it was a part of In-and-Out’s secret menu, but they were really good otherwise.

Conclusion? Both of these burger joints are special in their own way. And it’s up to you to choose the one with the golden statue cow, or the one with the secret menu. Either way, you’re winning.

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